Learn Basic E-Commerce/Freelancing

Learn Basic E-Commerce/Freelancing

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E-Commerce and Freelancing: For agency, freelancer, product owner and affiliate to sell any product online. By the end you will be able to start and grow a business from any step by locating the customers, delivering higher quality product using advanced strategies and finally selling any product online using sales funnels.

What you'll learn
  • Selling a product online as a freelancer, agency, business owner or affiliate
  • Finding, analyzing and driving traffic online
  • Advanced advertisement strategies that increase the revenue
  • Creating a complete website from scratch to advance with an online store
  • Designing powerful funnels to drive the traffic into and increase sales and revenue
  • 21 Marketing cognitive biases and customer characteristics analyzation
  • Designing an advanced structure of a successful eCommerce and Marketing plan
  • Social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Advertisement on platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Email marketing with 3 different platforms
  • Starting and building a successful company
  • Join the course with an open mind to learn new things
  • Be able and willing to practice what we talk about inside the program
  • Have access to a computer or laptop to be able to use the tools.
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In this eCommerce & Marketing course You will learn how to:

  • Create and plan an advanced eCommerce structure for any business

  • Audience research and analyzation

  • Product research and analyzation

  • The advanced traffic blueprint

  • Instagram marketing

  • Facebook marketing

  • Youtube marketing

  • Pinterest marketing

  • Content creation for each social media with specific strategies

  • Advanced advertisement:

    • Fundamentals of advertisement

    • Facebook ads

    • Facebook retargeting

    • Instagram ads

    • Google ads

    • Youtube ads

    • Pinterest ads

  • Connector marketing (Advanced strategies)

  • How to create full and advanced website with online store for your business

  • Email marketing

  • Hook, Story, Offer strategy

  • Fundamentals and structure of funnels for sales and leads

  • How to start a company

  • Marketing cognitive biases

  • Customer characterizing

  • and much more ...

Course Features

  • Duaration : 4 Weeks
  • Leactures : 08
  • Venue: Onsite/Online
Price : 35000 PKR Enroll Now